School Council

Notice Of Election and Call for Nomination
School Council nomination Form2017
School Council Self Nomination Form 2017


Congratulations and thank you to our 2016-17 School Councillors.

President: Stuart Macphee
Vice President: Chris Leffler
Treasurer: Shane Sinn
Secretary: Brad Shannon


Helen Cadzow
Caterina Enters
Juliet Peeva
Karl Corkhill
Hanako Harada

Staff Representatives:

Kate Gray (Principal)
Ruth Biddle (Assistant Principal)
Naomi Mori-Hanazono
Eiji Nishikubo

School Councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for all students.


Community Engagement
–          Convenor: Helen
–          Subcommittee members: Stephanie, Eiji, Ruth

–          Key roles: Uniform review, Communication and engagement matrix update inc Annual surveys & Japan Trip

–          Convenor: Shane
–          Subcommittee members: Kate, Rosella  

–          Key roles: School revenue and expenditure, Parent payments, Library and Building Funds, Bilingual Funding

Future Directions:
–          Convenor: Stuart
–          Subcommittee members: Juliet, Naomi

–          Key roles: Advocating for and promoting Huntingdale P.S. and bilingual education (inc Box Hill Festival)

Grant Writing & Fundraising:
–          Convenor: Chris
–          Subcommittee members: Eiji, Beth, Anna-Maria, May, Andrew

–          Key roles: Fundraising events yearly schedule implementation, grant opportunities, Parents & Friends preliminary work., Link       with Parent Representatives

Grounds and Sustainability
–          Convenor: Caterina
–          Subcommittee members: Ildiko, Keith, Anna-Maria, Wendy, Ruth

–          Key roles: Termly working bees, planting, community contributions, tree audit