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At Huntingdale we are fortunate to have a Chaplain available for two days a week. The role provides pastoral care and general spiritual, social and emotional comfort to all students, irrespective of their faith or beliefs. This can include support and guidance about ethics, values, relationships and spiritual issues; the provision of student welfare; and enhancing engagement with the broader community.

Jenny, our Chaplain, has been employed with our school since 2007. Jenny is an integral part of our Student Wellbeing Team. Chaplaincy complements our Student Wellbeing Program with the provision of help to support the personal and social wellbeing of students and the wider school community.

Jenny’s main goal is to provide the children with a sense of belonging and connectedness. One child described Jenny as their ‘eye out teacher’ meaning that she was keeping an eye on him during school hours. All general interactions with the children are of a secular nature and the service is entirely voluntary. The initial consultation is at the request of parents, teachers or children but any subsequent meetings will require parental consent.

Chaplaincy work at the school is often of a highly sensitive and confidential nature which can make the attributes of the program and its value seemingly invisible. However, Chaplaincy is regularly reactive with Jenny responding to most situations and needs. Jenny has proven that she can react to the unique situations of our community with thoughtfulness and wisdom.

Child Safe Standards

In response to the recommendations in ‘Betrayal of Trust’ Report, there are new regulations surrounding child safety, which are underpinned by the Child Safe Standards.

The Child Safe Standards are:

  • Standard 1- Strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety, including thorough effective leadership arrangements
  • Standard 2- A child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety
  • Standard 3- A code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children
  • Standard 4- Screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel
  • Standard 5- Processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse
  • Standard 6- Strategies to identify and reduce or remove the risk of abuse
  • Standard 7- Strategies to promote the participation and empowerment of children

At Huntingdale Primary School there is a culture of ‘no tolerance’ for child abuse.

As of August 1 2016 all schools need to comply with the Child Safe Standards.

Please see the following weblinks:
Failure to disclose offence
Protecting children

Lunch Orders

Canteen lunches are available every Friday. If you would like to place an order please provide a large paper bag for the lunch order with your child’s name and home group on it. Please put your money in the paper bag and double fold the top to secure.  Do not use sticky tape or staples. Correct change is appreciated.

Lunch orders need to be placed on a Thursday morning to be delivered on a Friday. Late orders can not be accepted.

See attached order list:

Out of Hours School Care

Huntingdale OSHClub

Ph: 0429 363 990

Before School Care 7:00am to 9:00am
After School Care 3:30pm to 6:00pm

Welcome to OSHClub your Before & After School Care provider.

OSHClub works in partnership with Huntingdale PS to provide Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services to the school community. We pride ourselves on providing children with fun, play based learning experiences. From exciting activities and healthy nutritious food to caring motivated team members, the service meets all your children’s needs.

What happens at OSHClub?
We provide a range of activities for all ages including arts and crafts, games, sports, drama, board games, dress ups, cooking activities and fun social time with friends. On request from parents children can also participate in Homework Club. The service provides breakfast at Before School Care and afternoon tea at After School Care.

Our team
Your children are in the care of our qualified and experienced team members who have a current Working With Children check and are trained in First Aid, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis.

How to enrol and book
An online OSHClub enrolment form must be completed via prior to your child’s first attendance. Once enrolled with OSHClub, you can log into your account and book the sessions you require.

Further information
For more information, please visit our website or call our Customer Service Team on 1300 395 735.

We look forward to welcoming your children to OSHClub

Holiday program

The school also has a holiday program  run by Team Holiday. The program runs for each term break.

Grange Street, Oakleigh South Vic 3167

On-site Location:
Penfold Hall

Drop off anytime before 9.30am unless otherwise specified on daily description below. Pickup anytime after 4pm.

(Insert- Fees or Link to Online Flyer) Bookings & Cancellations Click Here to Book Online

Customer Support

9am – 5pm Term Times
7am – 6.30pm Holiday Times

Phone: 1300 035 000

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