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The key to our bilingual school is the people. As you will see as you scroll through this website, the vision and values of our school are lived by each individual whether it be student, staff, parent, volunteer or community member. These people make the team that makes our school the innovative place it is.


On your first visit to our school you will be drawn to the quiet, relaxed and happy atmosphere created within the school. Our children love learning and display wonderful curiosity and an eagerness to achieve.

Ruth Biddle

Principal, Huntingdale Primary School

Meet our Principal

Welcome to Huntingdale Primary School! I am proud to be Principal of this wonderful Victorian Government school which provides an extraordinary education for all our students. Huntingdale Primary School is a vibrant place that encourages learning, laughter and play in a friendly and warm environment.  Our school is widely recognised both in Australia and internationally as a leader in bilingual education through the success of the outstanding Japanese Bilingual Language Immersion Program.

Learning a language is the greatest gift we give our children at Huntingdale Primary School. Through our unique bilingual program all our children are immersed in Japanese language. Research has long recognised immersion as the most natural way for young children to learn language.

Our school motto is- Engaging Minds Together.

‘Engaging’ children each and every day in a safe and secure environment is a key focus. We know that without children feeling safe they are unable to engage fully with their learning.  The key to engagement is curiosity and creativity and these are key elements in the children’s explorations and learnings each day at school.

‘Minds’ are what benefit from our unique bilingual program.  The academic rigour and the power of how we work at Huntingdale is in the careful curriculum planning that underpins the program as one whole.  Research shows that learning another language stimulates brain development, enhances English literacy skills and improves memory, concentration and numeracy skills.

‘Together’ we achieve more.  The students in isolation will explore but require guidance and scaffolding to excel.  More can be achieved with a partnership between the child, teacher and parents which truly achieves the greatest outcomes.

Through our bilingual education each day our students develop critical and creative thinking, personal and social skills and intercultural understandings. Our students are challenged to see their world using an ‘international lens’ and the experiences offered at the school support this.

As a teaching team we are committed to providing all children with the opportunity to achieve through our highly differentiated curriculum. Extensive use of technology, thinking tools and a wide range of extra curricula activities extend and enrich our programs.

The culture of our school is underpinned by our deep belief that childhood is a precious and unique moment in time. Children need to be nurtured in a quiet yet stimulating environment. Childhood is a time to be exposed to a wide range of cultural and artistic experiences to discover talents, ignite curiosity, passion and optimism. The ‘Early Years’ of schooling are when a child develops their self-esteem as a learner and this growth needs to be nurtured and developed with care and dedication. This crucial time is also when strong foundations in literacy and numeracy are built to ensure future success.

Thank you for your interest in our school.

Ruth Biddle

Meet our Staff

Principal – Ms Ruth Biddle
Assistant Principal – Mrs Naomi Mori-Hanazono

Business Manager – Dr Rosella Dossi
Office Manager – Mrs Gillian Penfold

Foundation H – Mrs Hisae Hatigan & Mr Daniel Thomas
Foundation T – Mr Daniel Thomas & Mrs Hisae Hatigan
Foundation JK – Miss Joanne Ewart & Mrs Keiko Harada

1M – Ms Annika Matchan & Mrs Tomoko Smith
1P – Mrs Maria Perrella & Mrs Tomoko Smith
1W – Miss Caitlin Webb & Mrs Tomoko Smith

2M – Mrs Maria Mathews & Ms Yukiko Shoya
2P – Ms Kim Philpott & Mrs Tomomi Wakiya
2W – Ms Alysom Wakely & Mrs Tomomi Wakiya

3/4B – Mr Brett Herskope & Mr Eiji Nishikubo
3/4L  Mrs Linda Ooi-Chan & Mr Eiji Nishikubo
3/4N – Mr Nicholas Tolliday & Mr Eiji Nishikubo
3/4S– Mrs Soo Lee Tan & MrEiji Nishikubo

5/6K – Miss Nozomi Koyama & Ms Yukiko Shoya
 Mr Peter Magart & Ms Yukiko Shoya
5/6W – Miss Rebecca Wood & Ms Yukiko Shoya

Specialist  Teacher – Mr Tadashi Hanazono

Teaching Assistant – Mrs Honami Ando
Teaching Assistant
– Mrs Rachel Biddle
Teaching Assistant
– Mrs Mayumi Cake
Teaching Assistant – Mrs Wakana Karchnak

Library Assistant – Ms Francesca Smith

Chaplain – Mrs Jenny Celle

Meet our School Council

2018-19 School Council

President: Chris Leffler
Vice President: Helen Cadzow
Treasurer: Sai Fan
Secretary: Brad Shannon

Executive Officer: Ruth Biddle (Principal)


Dr Georgy Artemov
Dr Nafisa Zabeen Ovi
Juliet Peeva
Stephen Pirrie

Staff Representatives:

Naomi Mori-Hanazono (Assistant Principal)
Keiko Harada
Eiji Nishikubo

Meet our Student Leaders

2018 Student Leaders

School Captains – Kai & Hajin

House Captains:
Honshu  – Taro & Mio
Hokkaido – Renji & Lucien
Shikoku  – Eti & Jabu
Kyushu  – Adele & Jay

Community Captains – Sayuri & Rei
Environment Captains – Elektra, Shion & Monique
Multimedia Captains – Haruka, Madeline & Hana


School Vision & Values

In defining our Vision and Values for our school community it is essential we look to the future and the world and workplace our students will be entering as adults. Huntingdale’s vision is future oriented providing:

  • Excellent literacy and numeracy skills
  • Authentic language competency in an additional language (Japanese) and deep intercultural understandings
  • Thinking skills to access, synthesise and transfer information in a 21st century knowledge economy
  • High level personal and interpersonal skills to facilitate strong social connectedness and personal wellbeing

The following Values are central to the life of our school and all members of the school community are required to demonstrate:

  • Kindness
  • Courage
  • Personal Best
  • Creativity

As a school community, we apply these attributes in our everyday interactions with one another and in the development of our programs and policies.

Our School Motto ‘Engaging Minds Together’ underpins the quality of our teaching and learning.  When these three powerful words come together we have a way of working whilst also explaining why we all call Huntingdale ‘our school’.

‘Engaging’ the children each and every day in a safe and secure environment is a key focus for each and every one of us. We know that without children feeling safe they are unable to engage fully with their learning.  The key to engagement is curiosity and creativity and these are key elements in the children’s explorations and learnings each day at school.

‘Minds’ are what benefit from our unique bilingual program.  Without the Japanese program there is a monolingual program but without the English program there is also a monolingual program.  The academic rigour and the power of how we work at Huntingdale is in the careful curriculum planning that underpins the program as one whole.  The neuroscience that lies behind our wellbeing and academic programs and the benefits of our bilingual program bring the ‘mind’ element to this tagline.

‘Together’ we achieve more.  The children in isolation will explore but require guidance and scaffolding.  The children with a teacher achieve more through a gradual release of responsibility stemming from modelling through to independent application in a real life setting. The children, teacher, parents and families however are what truly achieve the greatest outcomes.

Our commitment to preparing our students for success in a global 21st century, through innovative teaching and learning programs, attracts students from both the local neighbourhood and a wide range of suburbs. The educational experience provided for students is multi-dimensional extending well beyond the physical parameters of the school. This is embodied in a diverse range of educational and cultural events in the broader community through excursions, in-school visits, family involvement, camps, overseas trip, international visitors and a range of individual, group and whole school performances.

Our students are taught through two languages, English and Japanese and view the world through an international lens. Our school has a reputation for strong academic achievement, authentic bilingual education, happy and engaged students, a dedicated, enthusiastic and professional staff and a highly supportive parent community.

School Strategic Plan

The School Strategic Plan is the school’s statement to its community about what it stands for and intends to do over the next four years to improve student outcomes. It defines what the school values most and sets out the school’s goals and targets, key strategies for improvement, and therefore influences resourcing priorities.

See attached our School Strategic Plan for 2017-2020.

School Strategic Plan 2017-2020


Annual Implementation Plan

The Annual Implementation Plan breaks down each improvement strategy, outlined in the School Strategic Plan, and turns them into specific actions. For each action, it specifies:

  • How it will be implemented and resourced
  • The person or people who will implement the action and report back on progress
  • The timeframe for completing the action

One-year targets are developed as smaller steps towards achieving the broader targets set in the School Strategic Plan. The school then reports on the progress achieved to date through the Annual Report to the school community. See attached our Annual Implementation Plan for 2018: AIP 2018

2017 Annual Report to the School Community

The Annual Report provides the community with information about the school’s performance in implementing their improvement strategies and how the school’s resources have been used as outlined in the School Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan.

The Annual Report contains:

  • Cover page
  • What Our School Is Doing statement
  • Government School Performance summary
  • Financial performance and position statement

Annual Report 2017

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