Student Wellbeing

At Huntingdale Primary School Student Wellbeing (SWB) is a priority. Research shows that students who feel safe and secure learn best and there is a strong link between SWB and academic success.

We aim to have happy and engaged students who want to learn.  They will be independent, self-regulating and self-motivated and be able to get along with others. They will have high level personal and interpersonal skills and build connectedness that will enable them to aptly deal with difficult situations in their lives both now and in the future.

At Huntingdale Primary School we believe it is the teacher’s role to facilitate SWB in conjunction with parents, other stakeholders and the students themselves.

We aim to build and promote respectful relationships with everyone in our school community and build a sense of belonging and inclusion. We do this by explicitly teaching social and emotional learning using ‘Play as Way’ as a platform. We also offer a range of support mechanisms for SWB for students who may be experiencing difficulties both socially, emotionally and academically.

We have a SWB Action Plan which outlines the goals we have in relation to improving SWB throughout the whole school. It is linked to the Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) and the School’s Strategic Plan. The school reviews it strategies, teaching and philosophy of SWB in line with the school self-evaluation every 4 years.