Extension & Enrichment

Gifted and Talented Programs: Maths/ Science Extension

Our differentiated classroom program is the ideal model for consistently extending and challenging children. Talented children also benefit from opportunities to meet and work with likeminded children on specific programs. We offer an extension program in Mathematics and Science.  Through our extension program, students in Senior years are withdrawn from regular classes to work on individual projects of mathematical and scientific inquiry.

EAL New Arrivals Program

Our Program for new arrivals is an Additional Assistance Program designed to boost English language skills which enable students to participate more fully in classroom activities. Students entering the school with little or no English are assessed by one of our specialist EAL (English as an Additional Language) teachers. An individual program is developed and the students are withdrawn from the class for intensive English sessions.

Literacy Intervention & Support Programs

Our Literacy Intervention Programs are based on the belief that all children can succeed given sufficient time and support. Even with a highly differentiated program, at times individual children require an intensive skills based program to accelerate their learning. The Literacy Support Programs are based on Reading Recovery and provide targeted individual support  for students in Foundation to Year 6.