Performing & Visual Arts


Visual Arts

Visual Art provides children with an opportunity to portray their thoughts, feelings and perceptions through many different media. It fosters imagination and individual expression. Children experience and develop skills in a range of art forms and media including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, modelling, construction, threads and textiles.

Foundation to Year 2: In the first years of school, the emphasis is on experimenting with a wide variety of materials and techniques to create individual expression. Children are encouraged to talk about their work, that of their classmates and other artists as well as draw upon play and imagination.

Years 3 to 6: As children move through the school, there is an increased focus on developing and using skills, techniques and processes to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a wide variety of Visual Art forms. They observe and discuss artworks created by their peers, by other artists and cultures and develop an understanding of art in society.

Celebrating Diversity Week



Music is fundamental to the creative, intellectual and emotional development of all children, particularly young children. Music engages imagination, fosters flexible ways of thinking, develops memory and enhances personal and interpersonal development. All students participate in a one hour music lesson conducted in Japanese. The Program includes singing, moving and the playing of instruments leading to more complex activities such as composing music and performing in role plays and productions. The Music Program is enhanced by a range of school performances, in-school visits, Taiko Japanese drums and Choir Programs and our Instrumental Music Program.

Year 1 and 2: Students explore Keyboard, Harmonica and various percussions

Year 3 and 4: Students explore Recorder, Xylophone and percussions

Year 5 and 6: Students explore Taiko drumming

Optional Instrumental Music Program

Huntingdale is one of very few schools in Victoria that operates a Suzuki Violin Instrumental Music Program. In our Program, all students attend weekly private lessons. Parents also attend these lessons as well as parent classes and lectures. All families are encouraged to join our local Suzuki organisation, Suzuki Music, which hosts workshops and conferences throughout the year.

Huntingdale also has a well established keyboard music and guitar program.  We also offer percussion and vocal lessons.



Taiko Performance Group

Our highly successful Taiko Group are invited to play at a range of cultural events in Melbourne. All students have the opportunity to learn Taiko in Years 5 and 6. Our current Taiko Group has 15 students from across years 4, 5 and 6 and practice weekly.

In recent years the Group has performed at many auspicious occasions including:

  • School Sports Victoria Awards at MCG
  • Pacific School Games Opening Ceremony at SNHC
  • Multicultural Festival of Creative Arts
  • Box Hill Japan Festival
  • Department of Education and Training –  Mother Language Event

HuntingdalePrimarySchoolTaikoMusicProgram_2018 Final v1.0
HuntingdalePrimarySchoolTaikoMusicProgram_2018 日本語 Final v1.0



We have two Choirs: a new Junior Choir (Foundation to Year 3) and a Senior Choir (Year 4 to Year 6). Our Choirs perform at many of our local celebrations and can be heard at assembly sharing their newly acquired skills and song repertoire with the school. The Senior Choir presents to the broader community at events such as Carols in the Park and the Box Hill Japan Festival.